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Education Of The Human Race, The
Minna Von Barnhelm Or The Soldier`s Fortune


1729 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was born in Kamenz to a Lutheran clergyman

Approx 1745 At 16 he was ready for the University of Leipzig

1748 Frau Neuber put on Lessing`s own maiden effort to the stage, Der Junge Gelehrte

08/13/1748 he enrolled as a medicine student at the university in Wittenberg

1748 Lessings moved to Berlin during the winter

1751 Returned to Wittenberg to finish his scholarly degree, following his Father`s wishes

04/29/1752 he aquired the degree of "Master of Liberal Arts" with his paper written about the Spaniard Juan Huart.

1755 Miss Sara Sampson, a bourgeois tragedy of epoch-making importance to the German stage.

1767 Minna von Barnhelm

1770 He was made court librarian for the Duke of Brunswick at Wolfenbuttel.

1781 his sudden death while on a trip to Brunswick




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